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In a world made easier by modern convenience, take the time to experience the genteel pleasures of a bygone era. Spend time experiencing what the modern tour bypasses, to see how new technology brings the past back within our reach.

Chifley's Secret Chambers is a tour steeped in history.

This is our most exclusive tour - only a handful of visitors at a time. Wearing a helmet and headlamp, you explore the Kings Tableland, the original entrance to the Chifley and Imperial caves. Once in the Chifley Cave, you see the historic Architect's Studio and a long hidden chamber, The Shambles.

Throughout the tour, the history of electricity and technology at Jenolan is explored, before moving to another secluded secret, the Wilkinson's Branch.

In time honoured fashion, the beguiling beauty of the cave is revealed to those who wish to listen to its mysteries.

Note that on this tour, as well as these long-abandoned chambers, you experience the entire Chifley Cave, with it's variety, surprises and quirky history - very special!

On arrival at Jenolan, please first come to the Guides Office, so we can prepare you for the tour, with helmet and head light.

Average Duration: 1.5

About Jenolan Caves

People of all ages love Jenolan. Jenolan Caves are Australia's largest, most famous and most spectacular caves and the oldest caves in the world, with bushwalks, wildlife, a range of accommodation, cafe and magnificent restaurant right on site.

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4655 Jenolan Caves Road,
Jenolan Caves, NSW 2790

Dress Code

- Wear comfortable, non-slip walking shoes. High-heels and 'flip-flops' are unsuitable.
- Do not overdress. It is 15 degrees Celcius in the cave, all year.

Spectator Information

Use the public toilets, before joining your cave tour, as there are no toilets inside any of our caves.

- Assemble in the Guides Office, so we can prepare you for the tour.
- Listen carefully to your tour guide, and obey all instructions.
- Stay with your tour group.
- Do not touch any rock or crystal.
- Do not smoke, eat or drink. You may take water with you.
- Do not spit or litter.
- We recommend you turn off your camera flash.

Minimum age: 10 Years
Stair steps: 500 approximately
Length: 1000 metres approximately
Fitness level: average
Maximum Tour size: 8 people

Weather Information

This is an all weather activity.

Other Information

Jenolan Caves is currently working through the advice from the NSW Government regarding the phased easing of restrictions.

In keeping with these measures and our commitment to visitor and staff safety, we have now reopened our hotel, Chisolm’s Restaurant and Caves Café. To facilitate social distancing, we are limiting the number of people at Jenolan Caves House. Please book ahead, either online or by phone on 1300 76 33 11.

However, in keeping with measures to ensure our commitment to visitor and staff safety, our cave tours will remain closed.

We will continue to review as the NSW Government releases more information on the next phase of lifting restrictions.

Please note that this experience requires a minimum of 1 seats to run (seats do not always equate to tickets).

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