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Seeing is believing! The visual impact of the Orient’s huge, lavish chambers will take your breath away. Each seems richer than the one before, thickly draped with gorgeous crystal formations.

Your journey starts in the man-made shaft, the Binoomea Cut. Discover ‘Bat End’, with ‘Cleopatra’s Curtain’ and ‘Cleopatra’s Couch’.

Stand in the ‘Persian Chamber’, surrounded by an ancient landscape of stalagmites and stalactites, including the ‘Pillar of Hercules’, Jenolan’s tallest stalagmite. From the bottom of ‘The Well’, gaze far up to the ‘Commonwealth Dome’.

In the ‘Egyptian Chamber’ see the ‘Frozen Nile’, ‘Egyptian Wall’, ‘Egyptian Curtains’ and the perfect, much photographed ‘Egyptian Shawl’.

In ‘Upper and Lower India’, see wonders such as ‘The Medusa’, ‘the Menagerie’, ‘the Guides Trousers’ and the famous ‘Indian Canopy’. Finally gaze upon the enchanting ‘Crystal Basin’, which fills, on occasion, with pure water, of the palest blue. An experience you won’t forget.

Although children under age 4 are free of charge, please remember to book a ticket for them.

If you are coming all the way to Jenolan, you might want to consider also booking accommodation, for a getaway to remember.

Average Duration: 1.5 Hour

About Jenolan Caves

People of all ages love Jenolan. Jenolan Caves are Australia's largest, most famous and most spectacular caves and the oldest caves in the world, with bushwalks, wildlife, accommodation, cafe and magnificent restaurant right on site.
We also host school excursions, unique weddings, conferences and team building.

4655 Jenolan Caves Road,
Jenolan Caves, NSW 2790

Dress Code

This is an all weather activity. Wear comfortable, non-slip walking shoes. High-heels and 'flip-flops' are unsuitable.
Do not overdress. It is 15 degrees Celcius in the cave, all year.

Other Information

Edith Road is the only access to Jenolan. On Edith Road, 3 kms before Jenolan, at the top of the steep valley descent, STOP AT THE BARRIER. The descent is now one-way, so Transport for NSW will escort your vehicle 3km down to our car parks. From there, you can follow the pathways down to the Hotel and to the shelter to meet for the tours.
Escort vehicles run at regular intervals.

To be on time for your tour, please arrive at the barrier (3km from the caves) *** at least 1 HOUR BEFORE YOUR FIRST BOOKED ACTIVITY.***

Escort vehicles leave our car park regularly to accompany vehicles back up the hill.

Note: If you travel via Katoomba, you must get to Edith road via a 30-MINUTE DETOUR ON JENOLAN CAVES ROAD. (See our ‘Getting Here’ webpage.) To arrive at Jenolan safely, give yourself a couple of hours extra travel time. If you arrive too early, take advantage of our bushwalks, café and giftshop.

Before your cave tours, use the public toilets, as there are no toilets inside any of our caves.
Do not bring baby prams, camera tripods, monopods, selfie sticks.
We do not recommend baby backpacks - front carriers are safer.
Listen carefully to your tour guide, and obey all instructions.
Stay with your tour group.
Do not touch any rock or crystal.
Do not smoke, eat or drink. You may take water with you.
Do not spit or litter.
We recommend you turn off your camera flash.

Stair steps: 358
Length: 470 metres
Fitness level: average


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