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This mystifying tour may start with Caves House and take you in the dark, by lantern, through the caves, with no set route.

Jenolan has a long history and was known to the Gundungurra people as 'Binoomea' which means "the dark place". Instead of showing cave formations, your tour guide may tell you strange legends or stories about our unexplained phenomena, sometimes from personal experience. This tour is not just 'ghost stories'. It includes some of our history and mysteries.

There is no 'ghost cave'. However, strange sounds, sights and experiences have been reported from all our show caves over the years. So, this tour has no set route. You don't need to plan your other cave tours around this one, as it will be a completely different experience. The cave is a 'backdrop' rather than the focus, so be prepared to be unnerved by mysterious tales in an almost dark cave.

Overwhelmingly popular, the 'Legends, Mysteries & Ghosts' tour is aimed at adults. We take a maximum of 20 on each tour, so please book ahead.

Average Duration: 2 hours

About Jenolan Caves

Visiting Jenolan 4 hours or more from now? Book online. Visiting within 4 hours? Book by phone.

Choose carefully, as we do not refund. Before the tour, we can transfer you to another tour, but we do not refund tour price differences. If you fail to arrive, or you arrive late, we neither transfer nor refund.

When you book more than 1 cave tour, leave at least 30 minutes between, in case of delays.

Arrive 30 minutes early, to park and use the restrooms. On long weekends, you may need to arrive up to an hour early.

Jenolan Caves are Australia's largest, most famous and most spectacular caves and the oldest caves in the world. All ages can experience award-winning tours, adventure caving and scenic bush walks.

Relax in magnificent Chisolm's Restaurant, café or bar. We also host school excursions, unique weddings, conferences and team building. Book accommodation online at

4655 Jenolan Caves Road,
Jenolan Caves, NSW 2790

Dress Code

- Wear comfortable, non-slip walking shoes. High-heels and 'flip-flops' are unsuitable.
- Do not overdress. It is 15 degrees Celcius in the cave, all year.

Weather Information

This is an all weather activity.

Other Information

Use the public toilets, before joining your cave tour, as there are no toilets inside any of our caves.

- Do not bring camera tripods, monopods, selfie sticks.
- Listen carefully to your tour guide, and obey all instructions.
- Stay with your tour group.
- Do not touch any rock or crystal.
- Do not smoke, eat or drink. You may take water with you.
- Do not spit or litter.
- We recommend you turn off your camera flash.

Minimum age: 10
Tour time: 2 hours
Fitness: strenuous
Stairs: lots
Maximum Tour size: 20 people


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