Book Now - Orient Night Tour HOTEL GUESTS ONLY

This tour time is for hotel guests only. You will be asked to provide your hotel booking confirmation on checkout.

In 2008, the Orient was upgraded using the latest lighting technology, enabling you to see them as they have never been seen before.

The environmentally friendly lighting system uses minimal power and minimises heat output, conserving the sensitive cave environment.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests, we have split our experience offerings into 3 time slots per day so we can manage the amount of people arriving and departing on the 2mile. The sessions are as follows:

i. 9:00am – 11:30am
ii. 11:00am – 2:30pm
iii. 2pm – 6pm/or overnight for accommodation guests

Once you have pre-booked your experience, you will be provided information about your timeslot to ensure you only arrive and leave within this time. We will also remind you when you arrive on site as to what time you need to depart.

The Orient Cave is more spectacular than ever, and better protected for future generations to enjoy.

Average Duration: 1 Hour

About Jenolan Caves

People of all ages love Jenolan. Jenolan Caves are Australia's largest, most famous and most spectacular caves and the oldest caves in the world, with bushwalks, wildlife, a range of accommodation, cafe and magnificent restaurant right on site.

We also host school excursions, unique weddings, conferences and team building. Book accommodation online at

4655 Jenolan Caves Road,
Jenolan Caves, NSW 2790

Dress Code

Wear comfortable, non-slip walking shoes. High-heels and 'flip-flops' are unsuitable.
Do not overdress. It is 15 degrees Celcius in the cave, all year.

Spectator Information

Use the public toilets, before joining your cave tour, as there are no toilets inside any of our caves.

Do not bring baby prams, camera tripods, monopods, selfie sticks in the cave.
We do not recommend baby backpacks - front carriers are safer.
Listen carefully to your tour guide, and obey all instructions.
Stay with your tour group.
Do not touch any rock or crystal.
Do not smoke, eat or drink. You may take water with you.
Do not spit or litter.
We recommend you turn off your camera flash.

No minimum age
Stair steps: 421
Length: 690 metres
Fitness level: average

Weather Information

This is an all weather activity.

Other Information

HOTEL GUESTS ONLY: This tour time is for hotel guests only. If you are not staying overnight at Jenolan you will not be able to attend this tour time.

Getting Here

Currently Edith Road is the only road into Jenolan. It is on the Oberon side of Jenolan. If you are driving from a Sydney direction, your route has changed. Please allow plenty of travel time. Before leaving home, check for possible road closures or delays. We also have some suggested travel routes on

Arrival and Department Timeslots

You booking sits within one of three timeslots:

1. Arrive 9am – Depart 11:30am
2. Arrive 11am – Depart 2:30pm
3. Drive 2pm – Depart 6pm/overnight for accommodation guests

Based on the time for your experience, please arrive and depart Jenolan within this scheduled timeslot. For example, if you booked a 10am Chifley, you need to arrive and depart between 9am – 11:30am. This is a new requirement due to our single access road into Jenolan, and has been put in place to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

If you booked more than one experience in multiple timeslots, then please arrive as per the first timeslot and depart as per the second timeslot. For example, if you booked a 10am Chifley and 3pm High tea, you can arrive after 9am (timeslot 1) and leave by 6pm (timeslot 3).

When You Arrive

When you arrive at our carpark, we will check your tickets and direct you to the caves and hotel. You can walk the scenic 500 metres down, which includes stairs, or use our complimentary shuttle bus. Please wear a mask in the bus. Unfortunately our bus cannot carry children under 7, as it is not fitted with child seat and capsule anchors. But, to make the walk down (and up) easier for you and your family, we can take your bags in the bus. So speak to our friendly concierge team if you would like us carry anything for you.

If you require wheelchair access, please let us know ahead of time so we can organise escorting your vehicle down to the caves and hotel.

While you wait in the carpark for our bus, you can buy coffee at our coffee pop-up, or visit our pop-up gift shop.

COVID-19 Safety Procedures:

* We strongly recommend that you wear a face mask while on your tour. If you do not have your own, we have a limited supply.
* If you feel unwell, remain at home and get tested.
* Cave tours are limited to the 2 square metre rule, throughout the cave, and we have limited the number of guests per tour in line with this.
* Cave tours will be organised by household where possible, and households must remain 1.5 metres apart.
* Bring your own sanitation supplies, and practice good hygiene.
* We sanitise all cave handrails twice daily.
* We will record your details for contact tracing and hold them for 28 days.
* Hand sanitation stations are set up at the entry and exit to each cave tour (as well as in the accommodation and dining areas).
* You must provide names and contact details of all members of your group.
* You must do a Covid-19 check-in either at reception or at Chisolm’s restaurant upon arrival.


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