Book Now - DINING PACKAGE: Orient + Set Menu Lunch

Leisurely Lunch & Cave Tour - Reconnect with family and friends! Enjoy a relaxing lunch in elegant Chisolm’s Restaurant (WEEKENDS ONLY). If you are of average fitness, you can do a fascinating tour of our stunning Orient Cave, as part of a small, exclusive group.

For an elegant and leisurely lunch on weekends, go upstairs in Caves House, to our magnificent grand dining room. Magnificent Chisolm’s Restaurant serves a delicious 2-course or 3-course roast lunch. Select from delicious choices such as 'Local Black Angus Roast Sirloin' yum! Our bar offers an enormous range of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails. If you have specific dietary requirements, please advise us by email at least 48 hours before your arrival. Email

Chisolm’s was built in the fashionable Art Deco style of 1926, with lofty columns, high bay windows and imposing ceiling, deeply embossed with strong geometric patterns - a place where important people dined. You can enjoy all the refined ambience of those architectural features, which are still there today.

The Orient Cave is glorious – one of the most beautiful caves in the world! The visual impact of its huge and richly decorated chambers will astonish you. This tour involves 358 stair steps, but in a series of short flights.

To ensure guest safety, we have split our experiences into 3 time slots. Sessions are:

9:00am – 11:30am;
11:00am – 2:30pm and
2pm – 6pm/or overnight for accommodation guests.

Once you have pre-booked, we will provide information about your timeslot. When you arrive, we will remind you again of your departure time.

BOOKING RIGHT NOW? Don't select both cave tour time and lunch time on this page. Instead, select EITHER your lunch time OR your cave tour time, and click BOOK NOW. Then in the Shopping Cart, select the time of your other experience.

This payment is for either a 2-course or 3-course menu. At the end of your lunch, please pay for anything else that you ordered.

Average Duration: 1 Hour Orient, 1 Hour Lunch

About Jenolan Caves

People of all ages love Jenolan. Jenolan Caves are Australia's largest, most famous and most spectacular caves and the oldest caves in the world, with bushwalks, wildlife, a range of accommodation, cafe and magnificent restaurant right on site.

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Sat, 26 Jun 2021

Morning Start
11:30am Session - 11:30am Chisolm's Weekend Roast Set Menu Lunch
Afternoon Start
12:45pm Session - 12:45pm Chisolm's Weekend Roast Set Menu Lunch 1:00pm Session - 1pm Chisolm's Weekend Roast Set Menu Lunch