Book Now - Dine And Discover Combo: Orient and Chifley

Pay full price to tour one spectacular cave, and redeem your free Dine & DISCOVER voucher to tour a 2nd cave, at no extra cost.

The Chifley displays all the stunning limestone formations for which Jenolan is famous, including delicate straws. One of Jenolan's best examples of exquisite 'spar' crystal can be seen in the Chifley. It has a fascinating history, and was the first cave in the world to be lit with electric light. Two of its beautiful grottoes are still illuminated with historical coloured lights, a reminder of its unique heritage - children find these fascinating. One of our shorter and less strenuous cave tours, the Chifley amazes young and old. This tour does not retrace its path, so you always wonder what is around the corner.

The fabulous Orient Cave, hung with rich crystal decoration over every surface, is considered by many to be one of the most stunning caves in the world. You reach the Orient via the Binoomea Cut, then up through 'Bat End' and then prepare to be completely gob-smacked.

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To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests, we have split our experience offerings into 3 time slots per day so we can manage the amount of people arriving and departing on the 2mile. The sessions are as follows:

i. 9:00am – 11:30am
ii. 11:00am – 2:30pm
iii. 2pm – 6pm/or overnight for accommodation guests

Once you have pre-booked your experience, you will be provided information about your timeslot to ensure you only arrive and leave within this time. When you arrive onsite, we will also remind you of your departure time.

When you arrive at Jenolan, present your Dine & DISCOVER voucher for scanning.

Average Duration: 1 Hour Orient, 1 Hour Chifley

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